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Catching your eye: visual communications online - Thing 6

We all know that an interesting visual is now essential in the quest to grab attention on busy social media feeds. Things 3-5 proved full of practical advice on communicating visually online.

For Thing 3 Image Banks, I posted a couple of images from Pixabay on my blog. Pixabay is a fantastic site, I use it almost everyday at work to source images for social media posts. It is remarkable that all images are free to use, even commercially, as they are licenced under Creative Commons.

I thoroughly enjoyed Thing 4: Communicating Visually. I chose to download PhotoFunia, an app to help you create fun and interesting visuals. It's very user friendly and I'm using it regularly to illustrate posts on facebook and twitter now - such as the above image which I used to illustrate a post on twitter this week.. So thanks to the RudaĆ­23 team for introducing me to it!

For Thing 5: Video Presentations I decided to take a look at PowToon and I created a short presentation. The aim of which wa…

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